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Being a novice blogger this is how I hosted my first WordPress blog in Amazon EC2 cloud for free.

Hello Peeps on the internet!

Finally here is my first blog post. If you are a beginner blogger just like me who wants to start blogging just for fun or any other purposes but don’t want to spend much money, I have got good news for you. The good news is you can host your blog for the first year free in the Amazon EC2 cloud. This helps you to know if you are really passionate about your blog or its just a whim in this amount of time without spending a dime.

This is an easy process and I could set up hosting and everything in less than five minutes.

What is Amazon EC2?

Well Amazon EC2 is just a service provided by AWS. It is really really cool. Unlike other hosting services like Bluehost, Godaddy, you have full control over your server in EC2. I did not mean to say that these services are bad but AWS is really really a cool.

How to make an AWS account?

Creating an AWS account is as simple as creating any other account. Just got to Amazon and create an account. You will be asked Credit/Debit card information and that actually deduces $1.2 from your account but it is far cheaper than other domain hostings considering their annual rate is 50-60 dollars.

How to make an EC2 instance?

EC2 are Elastic Clouds, just a fancy appellation for servers. After signing into your account, go to services and search for EC2. Then click on launch instance and then you will be redirected to the page below.

1. AWS marketplace

Go to the AWS marketplace, then search for WordPress and select WordPress Certified by Bitnami and Automattic. Then you are directed to choose the instance type. Instance type are the type of servers you want ranging from nano to large. Note that only t2.micro is free in the free tier provided by Amazon. Click on the tire and go:

2. Selecting t2.micro as free tier

Then click on review and lunch. Finally it will let you once to make sure. Just click on launch.

Just a little bit of patience to turn that instance state to running as shown in screenshot below.

3. EC2 instance successfully created

How to access your website?

Just click-select-click, and here we are. We have created an EC2 instance that has WordPress installed. To visit your site just go to chrome and copy IPV4 public address and enter. In my case, my IP address was

How to login inside the WordPress website?

So we have a fully functioning and running website. But wait… How do I log in to WordPress so that I can customize it, write posts, etc? The idea is simple, just go to your_ipv4_public_address/wp-admin in my case it was .

The username is user. But you need to retrieve password. For that just click in EC2 instance.

5. Retrieving admin login password

Go to instance Settings->Get System Log. It will generate a long system log. Just scroll to almost bottom till you find the password.

6. Password to login Retrieved 😀

That’s it. Simple as click and go.

Customize and go.

You can now login to your website and start customizing and post blogs.

That’s all for this post. If you have bought domain already, then you can set Route53 services to link your domain in the ip address.


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